Dear Brady,

Today is quite a special day...
Today, you are 23 years young. Today, your blog turns one years old. Today, you are a few weeks short of your one year anniversary abroad.

Never in a billion years did you think you would start a blog. NEVER. But, one night in London, England changed everything. On September 24, 2015, the eve of your 22nd birthday, you were sulking and sad you were alone in a foreign country. Over dramatic Chels bought two bottles of wine from the convenient store and indulged in both carbs and nostalgia. And then you opened up your laptop and started typing. The rest was a blur. Literally. 

Fast forward to 12 months later.. You've built this blog, got a new and exciting job, moved abroad to South Korea, rang in the new year in Taiwan, got lost in translation in Tokyo, developed new loving relationships, lost friendships and found fulfillment. Although you are maturing in age, what is most noteworthy is your maturation of mentality. You may not understand your emotions and mental space right now, but I know this unfamiliar feeling is only apart of the process. Your process. 

Let ME help YOU make sense of your/our past year.


1. It's okay not to be okay - You've had a disconnection from positive thoughts and feelings, but that's okay. As long as you strive to restore a positive connection. Take the time to grieve whatever it is that has brought you down, and attend to your mental health. Remember that everything will be okay and things will only improve if your way of thinking does. 

2. Self care comes before anything else - Put yourself first. Always. You are the only one that can make you happy. Whether it takes a solo date to the spa, or an extra hour in bed - make yourself feel good and be in tune with your emotions. Self care is the path to self-love. You're almost there.

3. Recognize small achievements - they are integral to the bigger goal. You told yourself you want to put your name out there and contribute to an accredited online blog. A few months ago, you got an email from Arianna Huffington herself (gaaaah) and became a contributing blogger for Huffington Post. Weirdly, you still felt unfulfilled and not entirely happy because you've yet to achieve "success". Take a moment of self-reflection and recognition, and be your OWN BIGGEST FAN. Be happy for yourself and recognize that these small achievements make up the bigger picture. The ultimate goal. YOU GOT THIS GIRL. YOU'RE GREAT.

4. Don't dwell on the past - it keeps you from improving the future. You can't go back in time and change it. Everything happens for a reason and God will never throw an obstacle your way you cannot beat. Evaluate the situation, learn from it and improve yourself. Take responsibility for your actions and realize these past situations and experiences will only make you better in the future. Remember, life doesn't get easier. You just get stronger.

5. Be nice to yourself - Be your own best friend and cut yourself some slack. You're not stupid when you mess up. You're not perfect and that's okay. You are what you tell yourself. So girl, YOU ARE THE BEST YOU.

6. Forgiveness will set you free - Now, don't be naive and "forgive and forget". You know better than that. NEVER FORGET. You saw that person's true colours for a reason. But, what you can do is come to terms with the current situation and move on. Holding grudges against a person only breeds negativity and hatred. It's more exhausting to hate someone than be cordial. Spread the love, whether they are deserving of it or not, and forgive. Forgiveness is more for yourself than it is the other person. This is a work in progress... But I see you are actively trying to exercise this skill.

7. Don't trust everyone - Not everyone has your best interests at heart. Although you may want to believe they do, they don't. So, always watch your back and if you don't feel right about a person or situation, follow your gut.

8. Don't silence your passion - Your passion is yelling at you for a reason. Listen to it. Even if you believe you aren't skilled enough, work at it because it makes you feel good. Again, no one is perfect, but practice definitely makes you better. Passion is what will keep you up until the middle of the night and make you feel good about it in the morning. Not that boring 9-5 desk job.

9. Embody the golden rule - This law of reciprocity is major key. You have had your fair share of expecting others to treat you better than you treat them. It took losses of a few relationships to realize that you need to do better. You're not a bad person.. You just need to think about how your actions and words affect others. Act out of altruism and ask yourself, how would I feel if that was me? Treating others well is a true judgment of character. 

10. NEVER expect - be self-sufficient and rely on yourself, because no one but you will get the job done. The worst feeling is expecting someone to do something for you, and it falling through or not meeting your expectations. This past year has definitely brought you closer to yourself and taught you how to be independent. How good does it feel to know you got your own back?

11. Make space to be imperfect - No one is perfect. Although social media tries to tell you they are.. Give yourself space to try new things and see what works for you. Discover your dislikes and what you need to improve on. Whether it is your character or your work ethic, strive to be better.

12. Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game - My absolute favourite. You'll never see results if you don't try. Think about all of the opportunities you will pass up due to fear. The scariest part is taking the plunge, but once you do, you'll never regret it. And, there is never failure in trying because next time you do it, you will only be better. 

With these many life lessons came humbling experiences. You have become a better version of you. Celebrate. This is all noteworthy.

With Love, XO