London Fashion week conglomerates designers, artists, celebrities, models and the like to celebrate one thing - diversity. At least, thats my take on it. My mother always jokes, although I perceive it as serious concern, that I dress like I'm going to a funeral. You can NEVER go wrong with black, and to my surprise, all the models felt the same. 

 #LFW served as my first introduction to the UK grime scene. If you're a North American like me, you're probably wondering, what the hell is grime? In simple terms, grime is the fusion of urban street wear and high end trends. "Versace out, Nike in," Grime praises. It eschews luxury for realness, embodied by the pairing of Nike Air Maxes with elegant attires. This year's fashion week was held in SOHO and I hit the streets of London to snap pictures of the trendy street styles. Posted above are a few pictures I took of my favourite street looks.