When I was six, I collected Pokemon cards and crazy bones. When I was twelve, I collected Converse shoes. When I was 21, I started collecting MAC lipsticks. Despite my track record, I can surely say I did one thing right. 

I LOVE MAC. Mac Cosmetics has the perfect shades for darker skin tones and their lipsticks are, in my opinion, of superb quality. While travelling, I usually do not wear much makeup, as I am always on the go and doing physical activity. However, if I quickly need to glam up my look, I always have a bold lipstick with me in my backpack. It can easily take you from 0-100, real quick (Okay, more like 75. Let's factor in the lack of showers, matted hair and dirty sneakers). My top 5 favourite bold colours are as followed: Smoked Purple, Film Noir, Media, Sin and Styled in Sepia.

Film Noir, Media & Sin look quite similar by first glance, however I promise you they are so different! Film noir is a satin brown, whereas Media is a satin deep, dark wine red. Conversely, Sin is a matte deep burgundy and does not have a lustered finish like the others. Go look for yourself in the video below, and let me know what your favourite shades are!