There is a constant struggle deciding between warmth and style when picking a jacket to wear on a frigid night. The North Face Arctic Parka solves all Winter problems for the females, as it is both stylish and extremely warm. I SWEAR BY this jacket. I don't know how I would have survived Canada's and the Netherland's cold ass weather. And it's doing its job for me here in Korea, too. Remind me to stop travelling to cold places... BTW, EVERYONE AND THEIR MOM wears North Face here in Korea and I can't help but feel good inside.

*Takes selfie in North Face Half Dome Hoodie*


     With a thermal 550 goose down insulation, hot air is trapped inside the materials to increase warmth and reduce heat loss. The Arctic Parka is waterproof to protect the jacket from wet weather. The jacket is polished with a removable faux fur trim to add elegance and a cozy appeal. The Arctic Parka’s quilted lining offers next-to-skin comfort and a flattering silhouette. Ditch your played out Canada Goose, which I personally think is not cute at all, and get yourself that North.