I love my city of Busan, South Korea. For starters, it is a beautiful coastal city with an abundance of beaches and mountains. Hailing from Ajax, Ontario, east of Toronto, Canada, the closest thing I have to a beach is the ghetto ass "Woodbine". If you're from the Toronto area, you feel the struggle. But, I've realized, despite the calmness and beauty of Busan, I still feel the lively risky side of Chels yearning to come out to play.....

And then I went to the capital city of Seoul..... and all hell broke loose. 

SEOUL: Sassy. Energetic. Outrageous. Unapologetic. Liberated

Seoul's SASS will have you wondering what you did or said to deserve such a sharp tongue. And trust me, her personality isn't the only things that is cheeky. Pull up your sleeves and pull down your shorts if you're ready for a night out with this sassy spirit.

Itaewon, Myeong-dong, Gangnam, Hongdae, Sinchon... all of these districts are as cool as their names sound. And there is so much of Seoul to see. Just take a look at the subway map. You'll need a venti latte, red bull and a shit load of carbs to gain energy for the upcoming amazing race across Seoul. And, just when midnight strikes and you think you're well accomplished for the day, think again. New York City has NOTHING on Seoul and undeservingly stole their title of "the city that never sleeps". I guarantee, your night won't start until after midnight and won't end until the sun comes up. I've had my fair share of 7 a.m walks/taxis home to my hotel, wondering how in the world this happened. You know those people who are just high off life? (then again, if you're in Gangnam or Hongdae, something else may or may not be the cause) That's the ENERGY of Seoul. Always on 100. 

Lights. Cameras. Action. It's a movie. Everyone is dressed to impress, with their hipster attire and outrageous statement pieces. Busan is a conservative safe haven, in comparison to Seoul. Everything in the city is bigger, better and OUTRAGEOUS, and I love every aspect of it. 

When you wake up in the morning (or afternoon, lets be real), you may feel regret from the late night/morning, for a split second as your headache intensifies and stomach turns. But, then you vividly remember the amazing memories made and laughs you'll forever cherish. From having one too many yaggerbombs with a military squad and dabbing with a Korean hip hop producer, I don't regret a damn thing. Living unapologetically is the life motto, and there is no shame in my game.

Seoul manages to free it's people of all social constraints and calls for individuality. It is the city of opportunity, dreams and liberation - you can be anything you want to be. 

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Peace & Love; Stay positive xo,